Shivpriya Farm

The sprawling villa is located on the outskirts of Delhi. The landscape design concept was conceived around four principles;- preserve existing large trees; create comfortable micro-climate to counter the hot sunny days of the region; create intelligent drainage system to solve existing water logging issues; create spaces for relaxation and entertainment. A series of articulated spaces were created in order to enrich the spatial experience of the garden for its users.

At the heart of the design is the idea that the garden should be alive with the continuous flow of water, whose primary purpose is to provide comfortable micro-climate within the garden. The garden contains a wide array of water-related elements and structures to provide a considerable aesthetic dimension. This is achieved by enhancing and modulating water in many subtle ways through the movement, appearance and sound of water.

Existing water logging issue was solved by designing an elaborate system of drainage which included series of pebble drains which drained into several rechargeable wells critically located within the site. Garden has zero discharge of storm water into the City system.