Embassy Golf Links Business Park

The development consists of multi- tenanted software campus, adjoining and overlooking the KGA golf course. As a result of its inherited layout, the buildings functioned as separate entities while the open spaces were fragmented and lacked continuity.

Our goal here was to cohesively integrate the campus through landscape. The building setbacks were developed as outdoor spillover areas for the workforce. Plazas and amphitheaters were to function as zones for congregation. A Wi-Fi zone or 'cyber trail' was developed with food courts as anchors on either end. A pedestrian spine was developed as a leisure zone with information kiosks, seating, planter beds and pavilions. Iterations of landscape elements such as material palette, water features and planting were developed to homogenize the open space development. The geometry of the landscape was based on the architectural lines of the campus.

The design vocabulary visually integrated the campus with the neighboring golf course. Ground cover beds and low planters, along with water pools and spill edges were extensively used while columnar date palms broke the sightlines. The earth forms in the design mirrored the undulating fairways of the golf course.