Information Technology Park

The site is located along the major I.T corridor of Chennai, which connects to Mahabalipuram (old mahabalipuram road). Area of the site is 40 acres and is of mixed use development, which comprises of an Information technology park, Commercial complex, Housing & Service apartment and OSR.

In the rapidly changing contemporary world, cities are undergoing profound changes in their physical environment, open space structures, entertainment, work schedules, transportation, communication etc.. The proposed mixed use development is multifunctional, so the landscape structure of the campus has to cater various requirements of inmates, both functionally and aesthetically.

Other than the large floating population of the IT park, this campus can be compared to a city on a small scale because it provides most of the needs for the community. The environment becomes the place for knowledge, work, activities, living, culture, recreation and entertainment. The landscape structure has to be closely knit, unifying the built environment and open spaces, thereby providing a unique environment for living and working.