Mumbai Airport

As part of the expansion and up gradation plans of the Mumbai Airport, Design Cell was appointed as landscape architects to restructure and design the existing frontage of both the domestic and international terminals.

The key design intent was to ensure that all passengers got to their mode of transport under roof cover, keeping in mind the torrential monsoons of Mumbai. Therefore, in consultation with the traffic and transportation planner, a detailed circulation plan at the terminals was worked out. Parking access, pickup and drop-off for the vehicular categories of taxis, auto and private vehicles along with special categories for the physically handicapped and VIPs was addressed in the design. Pedestrian thoroughfare was made as raised pavements across the roads.

Another goal was to ingrain the sense of a civic space at the landside. The central plaza was developed as a multifunctional public space, which included information kiosks, a food court and space for placard holders. Water bodies and planter beds created an amiable quality of ambience, apart from functioning as physical barriers. Extended arms for pick-up of passengers aided in reducing congestion and assuring availability of ample room in its forecourt. Tensile canopies spanned to cover the bays and when backlit, their illumination created a dramatic entrance at the terminals.